Things become more worthwhile for most people when they invest time in getting better at them. If you spend the time to get better at fantasy football, seeing great results will become much more important to you. Even if you never have a six figure win (and most of us won’t!), spending time getting better at this activity is going to be worth the effort. Once you see your bankroll go from steadily losing money, to becoming profitable, you will feel a big sense of accomplishment. For most people, this is something that takes months or more to accomplish. By studying and practicing, you can speed up the process to a period of time much shorter than this.


You can’t get better unless you put the hours of practice in so you may improve yourself. For some things, practice is tedious, but we do it because we know that the boring parts are a necessary part of the process. When it comes to fantasy football, even the tedious parts are fun because they have to do with football. That’s why we stressed the importance of loving the sport if you want to get good at the fantasy side of things. There is work involved, and it can be tough, but if you have the tenacity to stick with it, you can become great.
Play to Win


One way to get better is to step outside your comfort zone once in a while. If you are playing for money, this is often not easy, so if you are experimenting, make sure that you drop down a level or two to ease the sting of a potential loss. If it helps, you can even play in a free league, depending on the site that you are using. Just be warned that there is less variety when it comes to types of contests when you are not paying to play. The games are still fun, you just don’t have the same degree of customization available.

One other method of experimentation that you might find beneficial is the difference between the two major daily fantasy sports sites. FanDuel and DraftKings are by far the two most popular sites out there, and their scoring methods are a little bit different. You can customize your draft choices at each league to fit the style that is best, but this is a skill that can take quite a bit of time to master as it involves a lot of math. However, by trying out each of these sites, you can experiment with each to see which will help you out the most.

Manage Your Cash!

This is the time to test your boundaries, but it’s also the time to keep on eye on your bankroll. Losing all of your money will completely defeat the point of experimenting and pushing yourself so you can improve. In fact, better cash management might be exactly what you need in order to go from a losing fantasy manager to a winner. So many people think that just loving football and having a firm grasp on the stats behind the game are enough to be successful. Unfortunately, these people are wrong. Some never find out that fact, but others do. Don’t lose your money if you don’t need to.

There are many resources available for learning to manage your money, but the general rule of thumb is never risk more than 2% of your bankroll on a single tough contest. If you have an account size of $100, the hard to win contests should not cost you more than $2. The easier the contest is to win, the more you can risk. This is something you will better learn how to do as you go.