Top Five QBs for Week #1

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For most people, a good quarterback is the starting point of your daily fantasy football roster. You can win a contest without a strong showing from your QB, but a good quarterback is something you should always be seeking out. There are issues with salary, and balancing the need for a strong QB with the rest of your team can sometimes prevent you from getting a top play caller, so we’ve ranked the top five quarterbacks for week #1, and displayed some of their strengths and weaknesses to give you an idea of where to begin. Hopefully, this will get you started in the right direction and give you a foundation for the rest of your daily fantasy roster.

1.) Aaron Rodgers. There’s no question that Rodgers is great. He’s the reigning MVP, and the general consensus amongst the experts is that Rodgers is the top choice this weekend. The downside is that he’s the most expensive daily fantasy player in pretty much every league. Rodgers is facing weak competition in week #1 in the Chicago Bears, too. Yes, he’s expensive, but if you can find opportunities elsewhere, Rodgers is by far the best choice this week. He’s proven what he can do year after year, and against a weaker defense, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t be the top fantasy points producer.

2.) Andrew Luck. Luck has gotten tons of preseason hype, and now he finally has a chance to show whether or not he’s worth it. Luck is ranked #2 by most experts going into the season, and many are already saying he’s the top candidate for MVP, even ahead of the returning MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Luck’s downside is the fact that he’s young and going against a top rated defense in the Buffalo Bills. He might not be ready for just how tough the Bills defense can be. They led the league in sacks last year, and the Colts are not renowned for their offensive live. Still, he’s quick on his feet and quite accurate with his throwing. If his receivers do what they’re supposed to do, Luck will win. He just might not perform as well as his ranking indicates.

3.) Matt Ryan. The Atlanta Falcons might be one of the most underrated teams in the NFL right now, and Ryan is certainly one of the more underrated QBs. He’s accurate, great under pressure, and had one of his best seasons stat-wise last year. He’s close to averaging 300 yards per game, and in some leagues, there’s a bonus for this. He’s cheap when it comes to price in most leagues, which gives him even more appeal. The Falcons are playing the Philadelphia Eagles, and they are a sort of an X Factor this year. Their offense looks stronger than ever, but the defense is tough to judge at this point in the year. Ryan has a strong chance of outperforming the vast majority of other QBs this weekend, including many on this list. Keep an eye on him.

4.) Tony Romo. Romo is the top returning QB when it comes to QB Rating. He’s going up against the New York Giants this weekend, and the Cowboys are big favorites. However, Romo doesn’t have Murray at running back anymore as he’s gone to Philadelphia. Romo does have other weapons to use here, but the dynamics will be different and there’s a chance that the level of success will not be the same. Romo is a great quarterback, but don’t expect the same results from him this year that he had last season.

5.) Peyton Manning. No list would be complete without Manning rounding it out. He’s a legend already in the NFL, likely to break the passing yards record this year. This weekend, he’s going up against the Baltimore Ravens, and it looks like a tough matchup. The Broncos are strong, but so are the Ravens. Manning will play well, but a win is not a guaranteed thing, and he is likely to underperform his season average numbers in week #1. Still, Manning is a great choice if you don’t trust Andrew Luck who is priced at just about the same level as Manning.